Who says winter riding isn’t fun?

SO, YOU DON’T LIVE IN SOCAL…Just because you don’t live in Southern California, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your beloved motorcycle during winter time.

Ice Time Wheelie

Ice Time Wheelie. Source: BlogTrackDayCoUK

Winter Time Fun on one wheel.

Winter Time Fun on one wheel. Source: PBnation.com

Winter riding done just right. Check out the video here.

Winter motorcycle ride (and crash) in a snow storm riding home…ouch! But one hell of a ride…? Click here to experience riding on snow-filled, icy roads. And you thought your commute was bad.

Winter Fun

Winter and motorcycles… it can be depressing for us bikers. That’s why I live in SoCal. Click here for the video of the sad winter biker.

Ride Safe Out There. May spring time riding weather come your way soon.

Motorcycle Marc

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


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