The Moto Guzzi eXperimental 21 Cruiser – aka MGX-21


OK, I ADMIT IT! The MGX-21 is one cool looking, even seductive motorcycle.

Moto Guzzi’s Italian heritage goes back to 1921. For years, I thought their motorbikes were just darn right ugly but no more. Just check out the new Moto Guzzi MGX-21 cruiser, courageously branded as the “Flying Fortress”.


1400cc Moto Guzzi Engine puts out 89 ft. lb. or torque. It’s an ultra-modern big block motor that is all EU4 Certified and puts out 96.6 hp.


The batwing-like design lines give this cruiser-tourer a sleek, futuristic profile that is truly unique in its class. 


Big red cylinder heads stand out. The design of the 90 degree transverse V-Twin engine is pure Moto Guzzi. Note the carbon fiber parts throughout the bike’s construction – front fender, fuel tank panels, engine cover and side hardbags.


The look of the MGX-21…is brute sexy cool in my view.

Low in back, raised up front with an oversized 21 inch carbon fiber wheel, this is one good looking cruiser. The bike weighs only 751.8 pounds (341 kg). Seat height is 29.1 inches (740 mm).


Moto Guzzi has developed a new steering geometry that improves overall balance and ease of riding. Its patented manoeuvring assistance system reduces the tendency of the big 21 inch wheel to “close” in low speeds and high steering angle turns.


The electronic engine management system includes full “Ride-by-Wire” acceleration that manages three different engine maps.

We’re talking total rider control here to adapt power and torque to any riding situation…selected right from the handlebar. More information on the three engine maps – Veloce, Turismo and Pioggia will be provided in this blog post once I complete my road test.


The MGX-21 is fitted with two-channel ABS and a patented traction control system that can be adjusted to three different settings. Note the bright red Brembo Brake Calipers.



The Bottom Line coming soon…MSRP = $21,990. I continue to evaluate this new Motto Guzzi ride. In the meantime, click here to see the latest Moto Guzzi website information on this impressive machine. 


Ride Safe Out There.














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  1. Mitch A says:

    I have no idea what the hell MotoGuzzi is trying to do with this bike. Test drove one in Sturgis. Handled like a wheelbarrow.
    Thank you, great article.

  2. James S. says:

    What’s with the wobble people are talking about at 80 mph or so?

  3. Good Cigar says:

    Hi, MM – I bought the Flying Fortress last fall, and would like to see a blog devoted to it. I’ve got lots of questions for folks, including that “death wobble” at 85 MPH passing a semi. Is anyone out there reading this?

  4. Stinsen B. says:

    This is a cool looking bagger. When will we see your roadtest review?

  5. Arnie B. says:

    Hi there Marc, pleasant piece of writing here. Real good looking ride. Not sure I would pay MSRP though. Expensive for what you get given alternative baggers available that have way more torque and CCs.

  6. Edward O. says:

    Aw, this was a really nice post. Great bike! Sure would get one if I could afford it. Love the fire-engine red cylinders. Cool!

  7. Gerry P. says:

    This weblog offers nice feature based content. Good work Marc. I find the MGX-21 very expensive for the U.S. market. You really got to be into the Moto Guzzi bikes to buy this bagger. Too expensive for a Joe Blo like me.

  8. Joe T. B. says:

    I rode an MGX in Sturgis last summer Marc. Very impressive pick up and go. Unique handling characteristics. Priced too high for the market in my opinion given available cool bagger options. For example, new or pre-owned Harley Street Glide. A good looking bike though.

  9. Tommy W. says:

    Hey, I love the fire engine red cylinders. Is that stock or a custom add to the bike? Plus, what about the carbon fiber look? How cool is that? Where are they selling this motorcycle in California?

  10. Robert S. says:

    WOW Motorcycle Marc! This is one good looking bagger. Available in California yet?