Beaulieu Brothers Ride 2019


Few things in life get my excitement level up like planning for a big motorcycle roadtrip…

Note – Blog Post in progress. — MJB

This year’s BBR will have us cover just over 4,000 miles beginning in upstate New York then heading to the tip of eastern Canada then back into New England USA and with a final leg way up north in northern Ontario.


Day 1 – We meet up in Niagara Falls/Buffalo, New York

Located 17 miles norhtwest of Buffalo, NY, the three Niagara Falls straddle the international border between the province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York. The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are on the American side. The Horseshoe Falls lie right on the border with Canada and the U.S.


Off to visit a sister in Ottawa, Ontario.

Few things bring back childhood memories like our Mom’s french meat pie known in French as “tourtiere”. Sister Rose inherited our Mom’s great cooking skill and makes the perfect French Tourtiere for us during our stop-over at her home in Ottawa.

Canada’s Capital City, Ottawa, sits on the Ottawa River in eastern Ontario and borders with Gatineau, Quebec. The city was founded as ByTown in 1826.



On to Quebec City to visit another sister.

La Belle Ville de Quebec…one of the oldest cities in North America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Note the towering Chateau Frontenac in background. Mainly all French speaking, the city was founded on July 3, 1608 by French Explorer, Samuel de Champlain.


Riding towards Canada’s Atlantic Coast…the incredible beauty of the Gaspe Peninsula.

On the way via Route 132 which tracks south of the massive St. Lawrence River, we’ll make stops in the St. Eusebe-Cabano area to visit family members.

View of Perce Rock from Rt 132. Quebec, Canada
Located on the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.


Once around the Gaspe Peninsula, we’ll head to visit yet another sister in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada lies in the center of the Maritime Provinces. It was founded in 1766 by Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants from Philadelphia, USA.


The spectacular Cabot Trail ride…

One of the most scenic drives on the planet. Especially amazing from the seat of a motorcycle.
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada


After cruising around Cape Breton, we’ll ride through Nova Scotia towards Saint John, New Brunswick…where two more sisters will get to feed us. 🙂

Saint John, New Brunswick is located on the Bay of Fundy. It is the oldest incorporated city in Canada (1785). French Explorer, Samuel de Champlain, landed here on June 24, 1604.


Back into the USA – New England region to visit family.

Lawrence, MA originally settled in 1655, is about 15 miles from Lowell, MA. The city is located on the Merrimack River.


The last leg of BBR2019 will have us heading north into logging country.

After enjoying the company of our cousins around Lawrence, MA, we’ll ride out through New Hampshire and Vermont back into Canada looking to head north on Provincial Highway 17 towards our home town of Chapleau in northern Ontario.

Heading to bush country for the Island Lake Lumbercamp Kids Reunion…
Watch out for moose in northern Ontario.


Long live the Beaulieu Brothers Rides…

Time sure flies…Brother Roch and me first rode the Cabot Trail back 18 years ago in 2002. He on a 2001 Yamaha Star Cruiser and me on my 1999 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide.

Ride Safe Out There, 


Marc & Roch Beaulieu

Beaulieu Brothers, Marc (59) & Roch (57). We’ve been riding motorcycles and exploring everywhere since our early teens growing up in the Island Lake Lumber Camp
in northern Ontario, Canada.

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  1. Thomas K says:

    Living the dream you are man. Ride safe!

  2. Big G says:

    Ride safe! We’ll have some good ol’ style French cooking and real Canadian beer. You still drinking Labatts50 ?

  3. Roselle M. says:

    Hey Marc, looking forward to your visit in Saint John NB, we’ll have the lobster and beer ready! Ride safe out there. Love ya, Roselle and Kevin

  4. Jimmy R. says:

    This looks like an epic ride. Have fun.

  5. Raymond C. says:

    Looking forward to touching base when you get to Chapleau.
    Thanks Ray…see you soon. MJB