Riding Season Has Arrived. You Ready?

RIDING SEASON 2020 – Pandemic or no pandemic…Time to shift gears and start dreaming about all the wonderful miles you will put on your motorcycles this riding season.

Road Trip

My roadtrip to Sturgis75. Read about it. Talk about it. Then, ride out to Sturgis76.

Is your motorcycle roadtrip ready?

If your bike has been sitting idle all winter, you’ll want to give it a good check-up to make sure it is ready to take you safely through the riding season. Safety should always be your number one concern so you can avoid getting into an accident. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you’re driving, you can’t prevent other people on the road not following the rules. If you get into an accident while you’re out biking then contact a firm like GJEL California to get legal help. Hopefully, it won’t get to that point though. Let’s run through a quick checklist of items to make sure your motorcycle will be safe, reliable and trouble free.

Before you and your bike leaves the garage, check the following:

1. Tires and wheels
2. Controls – levers, pedals, cables, hoses
3. Sprockets, chains, or belts
4. Lights – headlight, turn signals
5. Fluids and Filters
6. Battery terminals and charge level
7. Brake pads and rotors
8. Chassis – frame, suspension, shocks
9. Kickstand, center stand
10. Start the engine. Monitor idle speed. Adjust as needed.
“A good inspection program should uncover more than the immediate black-and-white problems like failed bulbs, punctured tires and missing fasteners. Some components may gradually slide out of spec, and cause smaller problems that the rider may not notice because they happen so gradually.” Click here to read a good article by Cruiser Magazine’s Art Friedman on the subject of motorcycle pre-checks.

There is nothing like exploring the world from the seat of a motorcycle.

Life’s too short to let your dreams sit idle. Get out and ride this summer.
I know that many of you who follow my blog posts don’t currently have a motorcycle in your garage but are still nuts about motorcycles and the adventures that come with this great sport. Maybe you’re currently looking at a Honda ruckus for sale and you’re hoping to buy one soon. You might have to save up before you can go out and splurge on a new motorcycle. Saying this though, if you prefer Yamaha Motorcycles for example, but you currently don’t have the funds to call one your own just yet, you can always look into ways of getting finance for this vehicle. You may be driving off with one sooner than you think. Today’s motorcycles are a major investment for sure so I understand.
Fact is, we only live once… Seriously, if you are thinking about life and adventure on 2-wheels or 3-wheels, you need to check out all the key manufacturers online to determine which bike is right for you. Then, find a local motorcycle dealer to book a test ride. Once you find a bike that feels good, looks good and rides good…put down a deposit, register for a rider training course and spend the riding season chasing freedom.
Remember, it’s the things you don’t do that you regret the most.
There are so many great motorcycle brands out there for you to consider. You can buy new or pre-owned to your budget’s content. And, if you want it all…you can even rent a wide variety of motorcycle types from EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals.
RideHarley - Large - Dollarphotoclub_29229149

You don’t need to fork out $25,000 to ride an American Classic this summer. Click image to check out my friends at EagleRider Motorcycle Adventure Rentals.

Click on the following links to review the websites of today’s top brands. Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory, Triumph, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Ducati.

The Bottom Line…

If your are thinking and dreaming about adding a motorcycle to your life this riding season…I say do it. Just do it! It don’t matter whether you buy or rent, just do it…Ride Safe Out There.

LaJolla with the Magnum 300x226

#RideSafeOutThere this riding season. MJB

FYI: The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has excellent motorcycle information for all riders. Check ’em out. Sign up for a Rider Safety Course.

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  1. Selena J. says:

    Awesome article dude! Thank you. Very informative and telling me I need to get ready for my first ride of the season.

  2. Kevin L. says:

    Very nice and practical inspection check list. Thanks Motorcycle Marc.

  3. Christy R. says:

    Wow, gorgeous website. I really like the way you have it all laid out. Good job Sir. Thanks.

  4. Jonathan A. says:

    I like this quote Motorcycle Marc. “Life’s too short to let your dreams sit idle. Get out and ride this summer.” Thanks. You are so right! I’m going for it this summer.