Remember the Scramblers? They’re back!


Yay! The Scramblers are making a comeback…

I remember these machines being a ton of fun in their heydays of the 1960s and 70s. Now, it looks like they have found a new audience of riders and are coming back with some big and fast engine power.

1970 Yamaha 80 Scrambler

1970 Yamaha 80 Scrambler. See for additional info on these early scramblers.

My first ride on a Scrambler was on an ugly lime green and white Yamaha 80cc purchased used, really used, for $250 from a local garage/motorcycle dealer in the “planer” area of Chapleau, Ontario. It was 1973.

This little bike was my pride and joy at the age of 13 and it’s on this bike that I really cut my teeth into motorcycle mechanics as the darn thing kept on breaking down for one reason or another. I could not afford to bring it back to the dealer for repairs so I learned to fix it myself. I have been a happy gearhead ever since.


The new Scramblers…big time power from Ducati.

Forward 42 years: It’s 2015 and Ducati is making a big splash with their new “throwback” looking Scrambler.  The Ducati Scrambler heritage is a storied one dating back to the original bikes of the 1960s. Their new Scrambler does an amazing job capturing the nostalgic look and feel of the originals but is all modern, state-of-the-art engineering. Click on photo below to get more information from Ducati’s Scrambler website.


The Ducati Urban-Enduro – here’s a good looker.


Ducati UrbanEndur0 - 1300 - Source - Ducatizentralschweiz ch

Ducati’s Urban Enduro Scrambler. 803cc. 75hp. 6-speed. 401 pounds wet weight. Source:


The 2015 Ducati Scrambler looks good and feels like the originals of the 1960s but the bike is all modern. Riders tell me that it’s not too tall or too heavy and that it’s easy to handle even with all that power.

In San Diego, CA - I recommend the good folks at GP Motorcycles for all your European motorcycle needs.

In San Diego, CA – I recommend the good folks at GP Motorcycles for all your European motorcycle needs.

Ducati is offering four different models all under $10,000. The Urban Enduro shown above, the Scrambler Icon, the Scrambler Classic and the Scrambler Full Throttle. Better get to your local Ducati dealer fast if you want to be riding this iconic Scrambler this spring…they’re so hot that dealers are already “scrambling” to fill orders.


The 2015 Triumph Scrambler


While there’s a lot of media hoopla these days about the new 2015 Ducati Scramblers, my personal favorite remains the iconic Triumph Scrambler. The 1960s were glory years for the Triumph Scrambler bikes and the company did a lot to lead the way in both styling and handling during that decade. Recall the TR6C Trophy Special, there was a bikers bike. Today, the 2015 Triumph Scrambler is a real modern looker and cool retro-styled tourer.


triumph-scrambler-3_600x0w Source - TopSpeed

Click image for a good look at this Scrambler. Source: Bikers Boyz Brother YouTube


The new Triumph Scrambler…a true, go-anywhere adventurer.


triumph-scrambler-4_600x0w - TopSpeed - note lic plate

2015 TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER: 865cc – 59 BHP @ 6,800. 5-speed. Source: Click image for the excellent review by the BikePros at TopSpeed.


As you can see in the above images, the new Triumph Scrambler pretty much looks like the classic models of the 1960s. The bike has maintained its retro-look and that’s just great. But that’s where old school ends…The mechanical detail on the new Triumph is pure modern and ready to ride any road you put it on. It’s powered by the Bonneville 865cc engine hooked up to a five speed transmission. The bike has plenty of get-up-and-go. Zero to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 125 mph according to the manufacturer.


Scrambler & Enduro Styling is just plain cool. 

I, for one, am real happy to see these old-style bikes coming back on the roadways and byways of this great land. They are easy to ride, comfortable and not too hard on the pocket book. Most new scramblers today can be had for around $10,000 give or take the deal you can get from your local motorcycle dealer. USA  CANADA


fb 01-01-2015

THE ENDURO-STYLE SCRAMBLER. Image Source: Pipeburn Moto Goodness – Macco Motors. Love this 2007 Bonneville Scrambler Conversion. See more pics by clicking image..


Speaking of cool Scrambler riders…


Speaking of cool, this is my long time friend, Rick Korpola, on his 2010 Triumph Scrambler.

Meet my long time friend, Rick Korpela, and his 2010 Triumph Scrambler. We both learned how to ride motorcycles on the great logging roads of northern Ontario. When not scrambling around northern Ontario on his Triumph, Rick flies his Cessna bush plane exploring the north country. Click on Rick to visit his company, North Country Log Homes, on Facebook.


Ride Safe Out There.


Motorcycle Marc

Me and my brother Rocky on our Enduros. Island Lake Lumbercamp, Northern Ontario, Canada 1974.

Me and my brother Rocky on Enduros. Island Lake Lumber Camp (Kormak Co.), Northern Ontario, Canada 1974. Click image for a short history of the area’s logging history.

















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  1. Nick S. says:

    Everything always comes back full circle. I remember when Cafe racer became big my dad was like I had CB160, CB350, CB750 and now he still has his CX500 that he is keeping haha. Great to see what the builders are doing with Scrambler and now Flat Trackers.

  2. Chelsea W. says:

    I came across your “Remember the Scramblers” blog post? They’re back! So happy to see such a great selection of Scramblers now on the market again. Thanks for the article. I ride a Triumph now but am seriously considering the new Ducati Scrambler.

  3. Frank P. says:

    Many thanks! I’m a big fan of the Scramblers. Do you have a favorite Scrambler motorbike Marc?

  4. Frances C. says:

    Thanks for this article. Love Scramblers. Grew up riding them in the 80s and 90s in Wisconsin…Good job on this post.

    Thank you Frances…Great to see you on my blog. Ride Safe Out There. MJB

  5. Laura G says:

    Your article on the Scramblers coming back is really interesting. I’ve been thinking about which new motorcycle to buy and found your article helpful. Thanks a lot.

    Thank you Laura. Scramblers are some of my favorite motorbikes. Super fun to ride. Thanks for reading my blog. MJB

  6. Brian P. says:

    Just simply wanted to mention I’m grateful that i happened on your article about Scramblers through my online search. I’m looking to buy one in the fall when hopefully, prices come down. Great blog!

    Thank you. Glad you found the article helpful. Scramblers are a lot of fun to ride Brian. Good luck with your upcoming purchase and Ride Safe Out There. MJB

  7. Nancy C says:

    These little motorcycles are really exciting. As a woman rider, I find them to be easier to handle than the cruisers of similar size and a whole lotta more fun too. Thanks for your post.

    Hi Nancy…thank you for reading my blog. Yes, the Scramblers are a whole lot of fun. I grew up riding Enduros and Scramblers…awesome motorbikes. I actually miss them. Someday, I will add one to my collection. — Ride Safe Out There… Motorcycle Marc

  8. Louvenia says:

    Good overview on the new Scramblers…love them. L

    Thank you Louvenia

    …thanks for reading my blog too.

    Motorcycle Marc

  9. Motorcycle Marc says:

    Thanks for your note AJ…the 305cc Honda Scrambler was a great bike. MJB

  10. A. Johnson says:

    Enjoyed your article Marc. Reminded me of my first motorcycle, a 1967 Honda Scrambler 305cc. It was a fun bike on dirt and street. I kept this bike till the mid-80s…those were my last riding days. AJ

  11. C. Ormond says:

    I’ll take the Ducati Scrambler Marc !!! Love it.

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