My Victory High-Ball Test Ride 4U

The 2014 Victory High-Ball is not just another bobber-style cruiser.

It’s a big engine, bare-bones, aggressive-looking, badass cruiser ready to own the streets of your town. Read on…

Victory Motorcycles. Maker of American made V-twin cruisers, baggers and touring motorcycles is on a roll this year with a wide selection of quality, good looking bikes. The one model that has caught my eye however, is the Victory High-Ball. Why? Because I’m into simplicity, cool looking profiles, power and agility in my motorcycles. I don’t need or even want gadgets on my bikes. I ride to be in a wind-driven mental zone and for the sense of freedom I get being away from the clutter of today’s politically-oriented talking heads in government and in the media. There’s nothing like riding a motorcycle for clarity of purpose and peace of mind I tell yas.


The 2014 Victory High-Ball. A cool, basic bike with kick-ass power. 

The High-Ball design is basically a frame with an engine, ape hangers, forks and wheels. It comes in my favorite color, black. Black with a white Victory graphic or black with red flames. That’s it!

High Ball 2014 Victory NCY Motorsports 661X441

Suede Black with Victory graphic. Photo: Victory Motorcycles/Polaris Industries Inc.


Here’s my take on this cool-looking Bobber.


Now, these are cool Ape Hangers. Not too high, not too low. Just right.

Now, these are cool Ape Hangers. Not too high, not too low. Just right.

Ape Hangers have plenty of attitude.

The matt black high-rise handlebars are just plain cool on this bike. For my personal style, I would set ’em back about two inches to get a lower, more relaxed position, Easy Rider style.

There’s no doubt that this bobber was designed with a “less is more” approach: Don’t buy this bike if you need all the fancy gadgets like GPS, radio and Bluetooth stuff…it’s not there. Everything about this bike is minimalist in classic, garage-built bobber style. It’s why I love it!

16 inch whitewalls and short, stubby fender look good together.

Combined with a solid conventional telescopic suspension upfront and a single, mono-tube gas suspension with preloaded adjustable spring in the rear, these fat Metzeler Tires make the High-Ball run nice and smooth for a bobber-style bike. The custom wheels are too standard looking for my bobber tastes though. Personally, I prefer the spoked wheel style which was standard on the 2012 & 2013 High-Ball models. Not sure why Victory decided to change this rim set up for the High-Ball in 2014.

2014 Victory High Ball's 16" fat tires provide a smooth ride.

2014 High Ball’s 16″ fat tires provide for a smooth ride. Note the short fender.

Victory’s 106 cubic inch Freedom V-Twin is a reliable powerhouse.

The Victory Freedom® 106/6 V-Twin is a super-smooth 1731 cc motor. Better hang on when you make this engine roar…it is strong and powerful. It gives you instant throttle response and very impressive on-demand power.

Click here to view a video on the technical engine specs. Kyle Langlands, Victory’s Design Engineer and Technical Lead for the V6 Freedom Engine Project, does a fine job discussing how this motor pushes out power. I understand that the Stage 2 kit pushes 97 horsepower and 110 ft.lbs of torque.


Love this pic of the 106 Freedom V-Twin Motor from the good folks at


Victory’s 106 Freedom V-Twin comes with an easy-shiftin’ 6-speed overdrive transmission

I found every gear shift to be smooth and sure. Street riding was 1st, 2nd & 3rd gear. Interstate 5 around San Diego, California was easily conquered with 4th and 5th gear with the 6th gear making for easy, low rpm but speedy cruising.

2014 high_bal -VictoryWebsitel 640x410

Suede Black High-Ball with Red Flames. Source: Victory Motorcycles/Polaris Industries Inc.


Bottom line, I recommend this bobber. It’s offers a really fun, aggressive ride and I found it handled tight and crisp. The engine power was awesome putting out 97 horses. This bobber weaves and bobs quick no matter the street or highway. Suggest you get on down to the San Diego Indian & Victory dealership on Kettner Blvd to see this bike and the entire lineup of Victory Motorcycles…the team there will take good care of yas.

Motorcycle Sales Pro, Frank Krznaric. Call 619-446-0022 for Frank's best deal.

Contact Sales Pro, Frank Krznaric at San Diego Indian & Victory Motorcycles for his best deal…619-446-0022.


“Ride One And You’ll Own One.” says the Victory Team Video.

After giving this Victory High-Ball model a solid test ride, I believe Victory is on to something here…Ride Safe Out There.

P.S. I love this bike so much, I bought it!

Motorcycle Marc

Marc at Mt Soledad Feb 2014











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