Indian’s New Bagger Cockpit – Powered by the Ride Command System.


TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR RIDE…with the all new Ride Command System for 2017 Indian Chieftain, Chieftain Limited, Chieftain Elite and Indian Roadmaster.

For those of you who follow my blog, you’ll recall a blog post I did back in early 2015 about the Indian Roadmaster and how much I liked this new touring motorcycle. My only negative on the bike at the time was the lack of a GPS navigation system.

Well, that observation is history as Indian Motorcycle has just introduced a state of the art touchscreen system that comes with GPS and a whole lot more…read on.

Ride Command Technology is now standard equipment on both the 2017 Chieftain and Roadmaster.

Trademarked as the Indian Motorcycle Ride Command System, Indian’s huge 7-inch display is the largest available on a motorcycle today. As you will note in the following photos, the screen is bright with high-resolution and positioned close to the rider…making it easy to read and reach.


2017-imc-roadmaster-green-cream-51 - 646x487 CockPit


Cockpit dashboard is huge! 

The big 7-inch touchscreen offers simple information displays that are easy to see and control. It’s a bright, high resolution, 800 x 480 pixels screen that is even brighter than my Samsung Note 4 screen.


2017-imc-roadmaster-green-cream-42 643x534 CockPit


Easy to turn on. Easy to see. Easy to use interface.

The touchscreen is operated by state-of-the-art software. One is able to work the screen via touch with gloves on or off. Yes, the 2017 Chieftain and Roadmaster Ride Command System comes with “glove-touch” technology. Impressive indeed! Also of note is the response/activation time following key-on…10 seconds and screen brightness is on.


2017-imc-roadmaster-green-cream-47 640x427 CockPit


Pinch-to-zoom technology makes screen management easy.

Managing the large screen display is intuitive and one quickly learns the modes and shortcuts available. The pinch-to-zoom technology works like your smart phone. Navigation around the touchscreen is simple as a result. Your bluetooth-enabled device is easily paired to the Ride Command System for maximum utility and use.


2017-imc-roadmaster-green-cream-48640x427 HUGEcockPit


You can get lost if you want to…but not with Ride Command.

There is a lot of vehicle information available on the Ride Command System screen. The screen can be customized via eight options that can be used in any combination. The Map/Navigation option is awesome. Best I’ve seen on any motorcycle to date.

The maps show turn by turn with clarity. The system also provides points of interest and a points of interest search capability, address search is accurate, audible route notifications can be activated and the system comes with a compass. A unique screen feature is the showing of a list of nearby gas stations when the low fuel indicator light comes on.


2017-imc-roadmaster-green-cream-54 640x427 CockPit


My Bottom Line…

Indian’s new cockpit system is in a class of its own. The Ride Command System comes with superb built-in navigation that gives you easy to see turn-by-turn directions. Plus, Ride Command provides all kinds of data such as points of interests. Additionally, there’s a tire pressure monitor, fuel range indicator, miles to the next oil change notice, altitude calculation, average fuel usage, and a Bluetooth connection. This, the “Ride Command Touchscreen” system, is Indian’s best innovation to date. Next phase…add Sirius XM radio to the Ride Commander.


Ride Safe Out There.


Motorcycle Marc

Chieftain Roadtrip Brand MJB 580x644


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Note: Copyrights and Trademarks are the property of their owners. No infringement ever intended. See footer of this blog/website for more information. “Ride Command” is a trademark of the Indian Motorcycle Company. Chieftain and Roadmaster cockpit images used in this blog post are the property of Indian Motorcycle International, LLC and used with permission. Always wear a helmet. Always pay attention and keep your eyes on the road. Never ride or drive under the influence.



  1. Lola L. says:

    Really superb information on your site. The Indian motorcycles are beautiful.

  2. Jason P says:

    Hi Marc. Have you seen the new Chieftain Limited and the Elite? What do you think about them? Worth the money or no? That Elite is some $35,000 out the door I bet.

  3. Sonny K. says:

    Reading your blog gave me a lot of interesting information about the new Ride Command System. I am going to try out one of the Indian motorcycles.

  4. Lorem G says:

    Hi Motorcycle Marc.
    Technology is yet amazing. This large touchscreen makes total sense. It will make my ride easier. Looks like the best motorcycle GPS application software and map guide available. Also impressed with the information details. In my case, I’m a long distance rider so need the help locating gasoline stations and restaurants. Great presentation of this info. Thanks.

    Thank you for reading my blog Lorem…Yes, this 7-inch touchscreen is a winner best I can see and tell. Go to your nearest Indian Dealer to see it live and in action. Very impressive set up.

    Motorcycle Marc