Marc’s Life Tips

Tip #6: Make sure you are passionate about something…anything!

It’s what makes you, you! It’s what make your life great. Me, I’m a total motorcycle nut and I love it. What a great hobby and passion! Never a dull moment.



When you have a passion…you really live.


Tip #5: Don’t underestimate the power the journey itself. The experience matters. Every moment counts.




Tip #4: Ride Hard. Live Free.

There is something to be said about getting on the open road and feeling free on 2-wheels.  Try it out sometime.

Motorcycle rider and musician, Pat Savage, captures this experience in his new song. Check out his  new “Ridin Hard Livin’ Free” music video . Pat Savage. aka: Doc Savage is living the dream…riding free. Go Pat Go! Great song by the way.

Pic courtesy of Pat Savage - Hamburg Concert

Pic courtesy of Pat Savage – Hamburg Concert

Click Pat’s pic above for his new video, Ridin Hard. Livin Free.

About Pat Savage…on Twitter. On Facebook. Pics on Savage Biker Music.

The guy is the real deal. Ride Safe Out There Pat. Thank you for sharing your biker music.




Go to Pat Savage’s official website for more information. re: Savage


Tip #3: Courage…you gotta have it to thrive in this world. Go4It! Saddle up. You can do it. The John Wayne poster in my man cave says so.


Get off the couch! This ain't no time for resting Pilgrim.

Saddle up! This ain’t no time for resting Pilgrim.


Tip #2: Dream…dream big! You’ll end up way farther than you may think! 20 years old...I actually thought I was going to be a rocker.

Yes…at 19 years old…I actually thought I was going to be a rocker. Oh well…


Tip #1: Destiny – One’s life here on earth develops in all kinds of ways. Go with it! Just follow the path God set out for you.


Marc Trike at 2-3 - 1961-62

My first Trike & Guitar at age 3, July 1961. I’m parked in front of our family’s tar-paper shack. It was home.