The Cabot Trail Highway, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia...part of the coming BBR2019.

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The Big BBR 2019 Roadtrip

Beaulieu Brothers Ride to the Atlantic Ocean… Few things in life get my excitement level up like planning for a big motorcycle roadtrip… Note – Blog Post in progress. —

Who says winter riding isn’t fun?

Just because you don’t live in SoCal, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your beloved motorcycle during winter time. Winter riding done just right. Check out the video here. Winter motorcycle

Motorcycles are still cool so why is the industry hurting?

  WHERE ARE THE NEW RIDERS? Motorcycle sales are down, motorcyclists are getting older, and people have all kinds of non-motorcycle related pursuits fighting for their hard-earned, after-tax dollars. Industry

Harley-Davidson’s Workhorse Bagger – The Electra Glide Ultra

  THE ELECTRA GLIDE…ONE OF MY FAVORITE BIKES — Back in 2004, I bought a brand new Electra Glide Classic from San Diego Harley-Davidson. Me and “the Glide” as I named

Distracted Driving Awareness

  WATCH OUT FOR DISTRACTED DRIVERS! Nothing is more threatening to us motorcycle riders than the distracted driver who now commonly occupies our streets, roadways and highways. Driving mobile phone users and

The Beaulieu Brothers Ride the American Southwest

  BEAULIEU BROTHERS RIDE…Big blue skies, breathtaking natural scenery, John Wayne’s wild west and the rich history of Route 66…Read on… BBR2016 had me riding my Chieftain out of San

Explore Cambodia on a motorcycle…Enduro style.

  AMAZING KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA…See this amazing country from the seat of an Enduro Motorcycle.  The Kingdom of Cambodia was a powerful and prosperous empire that flourished and dominated almost

Romania and Eastern Europe on a Motorcycle

  DREAM RIDE ROMANIA! Imagine riding one of the most exciting roads in the world…the Transfagarasan Highway in Romania. The country of Romania in Eastern Europe is home to the

Marc’s Magnum Ride to Sturgis75

  STURGIS! The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally…you gotta see it to believe it! Imagine this, Sturgis, South Dakota, a small, quiet mid-western town of 6,500 people, growing to a metropolis of

The American Wall of Death Thrill Show

  Hell Riders, Motor Maniacs, Thrills, Chills and Spills…This is one heck of a carnival-style biker ride! Imagine if you will…trick riding around the country riding in a wooden silo

The 2018 Star Venture from Yamaha…smooth runner!

  BIG NEW BAGGER HITS THE MARKET – I just roadtested the new big luxury bagger from Yamaha Motorcycles. Here are my quick impressions of the Star Venture. Comfort, convenience

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Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King

  HARLEY-DAVIDSON ROAD KING – …one of my favorite baggers. The Road King model was introduced to the Harley-Davidson lineup back in 1994 with the gear-driven, one cam 1340cc Evolution

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Review: Indian’s Thunder Stroke 111 Motor

  UPDATE: THUNDER STROKE 116ci Stage 3 Big Bore Kit available for 2017 and later Indian Thunder Stroke motors. Selling for $1,999,99.  This takes your current Thunder Stroke 111ci to

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Roadtest: Street Glide Special…with Milwaukee Eight Motor

  STREET GLIDE SPECIAL – There’s a great handling, powerful and sleek lookin’ bagger. We motorcycle riders live in a great time…There’s an affordability price point for everyone and a

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The Beaulieu Brothers Ride the American Southwest

  BEAULIEU BROTHERS RIDE…Big blue skies, breathtaking natural scenery, John Wayne’s wild west and the rich history of Route 66…Read on… BBR2016 had me riding my Chieftain out of San

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Roadtest – Michelin Scorcher 31 Tires

  MOTORCYCLE TIRES – Where the rubber meets the road. Motorcycle tire brands…You name it, I’ve likely spun it over my 45 years of motorcycling. Dunlop, Metzeler, Avon, Shinko, Pirelli,

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Tell ’em Motorcycle Marc Sent Ya…

  MOTORCYCLE BUYING TIP 4U! When shopping for your next motorcycle, tell the Fit Specialist or Motorcycle SalesPro that I, (MotorcycleMarc – aka: #FitProMarc) sent ya. They’ll take extra special care

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The Moto Guzzi eXperimental 21 Cruiser – aka MGX-21

  OK, I ADMIT IT! The MGX-21 is one cool looking, even seductive motorcycle. Moto Guzzi’s Italian heritage goes back to 1921. For years, I thought their motorbikes were just

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Indian’s New Bagger Cockpit – Powered by the Ride Command System.

  TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR RIDE…with the all new Ride Command System for 2017 Indian Chieftain, Chieftain Limited, Chieftain Elite and Indian Roadmaster. For those of you who follow my

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Big Time Powertrain Protection from EagleRider

  PEACE OF MIND FOR FREE!…EagleRider is now offering a 1,000,000 Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty on the motorcycles they sell…Read on…   “You are covered for a million miles”, says the

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