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Of all the countries that I have traveled to…Italy is one of my all time favorites. I just love the place… — Motorcycle Marc

Italy has some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable and offers amazing cultural wealth. The country is full of interesting places. You’ll know this if you’ve ever looked at rentals in Siena with the option of spending your vacation there. It hosts the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites of any country in the world for example (51). It is a must see destination for those of you who love to travel and explore.
My family and I landed in Rome, Italy in September 2013 with the intention of learning all we could about the amazing history of this great city, the country and Italy’s great selection of wines.
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Rome, Italy’s largest city with 4,000,000 people, has a history spanning more than 2,500 years. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe. Vatican City, the smallest independent state in the world, is a walled 110 acre enclave withing the city of Rome which houses the Pope and his entourage of Catholics.
One of the most amazing sites we visited while in Rome was the Colosseum. This huge amphitheatre was built in the first century. It is just simply…amazing. Click here for a full history of this enormous stadium.
The Colosseum in Rome. Scooters were everywhere.

The Colosseum in Rome. Scooters were everywhere.

There are many ways to explore Italy. Planes, trains, automobiles and motorcycle rental services are available throughout the country. Many companies offer guided tours.
Our favorite tour company for families wanting to see Italy up close is Trafalgar Tours. Their “Best of Italy” tour is exceptional.
For you motorcyclists out there, I suggest you look up “Hear The Road” Motorcycle Tours to get a 2-wheeled view to the scenic landscape that is all over Italy.
Amalfi Coast...nothing short of amazing motorcycling.

Amalfi Coast…nothing short of spectacular riding. Scenery…takes your breath away.

If you go…consider a guided motorcycle tour to really see and feel the true spectacular beauty of Italy.

The “Hear The Road” Motorcycle Tours company is becoming well-known and respected for its unique Italian Guided Tours.

PrintAs a guest, you will be lead by professional Tour Leader Enrico Grassi, founder of Hear the Road Tours. Enrico has spent hundreds of hours developing the travel routes, the cities to visit, the sites to see as well as the hotels and food options key to making this kind of an adventure something to remember and cherish for a lifetime. It’s the kind of experience you’d expect from Global Basecamps and similar groups, to be honest!

The Dolomites Mountain Range in the northeastern Alps of Italy.

The Dolomites Mountains in the northeastern Alps of Italy. Considered one of the most dramatic and scenic mountain ranges in the world.

From all I’ve heard and read, guided motorcycle tours by Enrico Grassi’s company have everything you need for your great Italian experience: an English speaking Tour leader, the best route to ride on, comfortable accommodation, great food throughout the roadtrip, beautiful historical cities to explore, interesting venues to visit, and a support van for your luggage.

A special note about my favorite Italian Wine.

Be forewarned that one cannot visit Italy without indulging in the country’s world-class selection of wines so you want to give yourself plenty of time to visit wineries and vineyards. And, it goes without saying that you should arrange for safe, independent transportation as you hop from one winery to another.

Our favorite winery visited in 2013 and to this day is the classic winery from Fratelli Saraceni – Lorenzo and Matteo Saraceni, well-known and admired Italian hoteliers and restaurateurs, founded Fratelli Saraceni.

Two generations of the Saraceni family have grown their business from a single restaurant (I Tre Pini) in the heart of the Tuscan hills into a world renowned hospitality brand recognized all over the world for its distinguished and historical venues, its embracing service and its exclusive high quality dishes based on family recipes.

Breathtaking scenery all over Tuscany. Just look at thes beautiful sunny fields.

Breathtaking scenery all over Tuscany. Just look at these beautiful sunny fields.

Our family visit to Libero’s restaurant (I Tri Pini) and winery (Saraceni) in 2013 was simple luxury. Great hospitality wrapped around great local foods and spectacular wines delivered with enthusiastic and friendly service…an experience me and my family will not forget.

Libero Wine Family Tuscani - 640x194

We were honored to meet Libero and his children back in the busy kitchen of their world class restaurant, the I Tri Pini Restaurant.

The Saraceni’s Tuscan wine collection is truly extraordinary. A true representation of the typical characteristics of the grapes and the terroir from Tuscany, the Chianti region and Prosecco regions of Veneto.

Libero logo 425x336Lorenzo and Matteo were affectionately inspired to name the collection after their father, Libero. The Libero Collection is composed of quality wines with fresh and fruity tones that are each identified by their unique and individual details.

So, as you ponder where your travels and great motorcycle adventures should take you in 2016, I highly recommend you add Italy to your wish list of destinations. You will be inspired to live it up for sure.

Como lake, Northern Italy

Beautiful Lake Como in northern Italy.

Ride Safe Out There.

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy — Motorcycle Marc

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  1. S. Glasser says:

    Nice article Marc. I love riding Italy too…really interesting history. Nice people. Thank you for the share.


  2. Joyce McHugh says:

    In October 2015, I rode with Hear the Road on a 10-day, 1400 mile motorcycle tour of southern Italy.

    I did this on a whim since two friends were going; I rode behind one of them on a BMW 1200. Nice ride! And this was my inaugural bike trip!

    Enrico Grassi (Owner of Hear The Road Motorcycle Tours) was wonderful, knowledgeable, humorous, and always on the alert for our safety.

    The scenery was amazing from Rome down to the Amalfi then east to Gallipoli and up the Adriatic coastline. The hotels were boutique and unique! Stunning! I cannot say enough, only that I plan to return in 2016 for my 5th visit to this lovely country and maybe the Tuscany-Corsica-Sardinia tour with Enrico and Hear the Road — IF I can line up a driver!!


    Thank you for your note Joyce…

    A very nice endorsement of Enrico and his “Hear The Road” Italian Tours…All the best and thank you for reading my blog.

    Motorcycle Marc