Roadtest: The 2015 Victory Magnum.


So, you want a slammed and sleek looking custom bagger that you can ride long distance and that you can actually afford?

Here it is…the 2015 Victory Magnum.



THE VICTORY MAGNUM. MY RIDE TO STURGIS 2015. Turned heads everywhere I went. Photo: MJB


This bagger is slammed cool right out of the factory.

One does not need to look far to notice that every rider puts their own custom spin on their motorcycle. And some, also put a lot of money into the all kinds of parts, accessories, new wheels and even engine upgrades to get more horsepower. Let me tell you about the Magnum…a custom ride that looks bagger cool straight out of the factory.

The 2015 Victory Magnum is a customized version of their highly successful Cross Country bagger platform and exudes attitude and style like no other in the market today. The Magnum comes with the powerful Freedom 106 motor, a tall 21 inch front wheel, a sophisticated audio sound system, a low and slammed rear end and creative 3-tone paint colors and schemes.


2015 VICTORY cool bagger I tell yas.

2015 VICTORY MAGNUM…one cool bagger I tell yas. Photo: MJB


Yes, you can add a few accessories like 12 inch Ape Hangers, a Klock Werks Flare Windshield and Stage 1 Tri-Oval Exhaust to personalize it. But many, will be happy with it just the way it is.


Devils Tower Magnum 640x360

 DEVILS TOWER, WYOMING. One of the great stops during my roadtrip to Sturgis 2015. Photo: MJB


The Freedom 106 cubic inch V-Twin is super solid. Great motor!

The Victory Freedom® 106/6 V-Twin is a super-smooth 1731cc motor that puts out a whopping 106 foot-pounds of torque. This powerplant is matched to a 6-speed transmission that shifts smooth. Better hang on when you make this engine roar…it’s got plenty of muscle. It gives you instant throttle response and very quick on-demand power. I’m told that the Stage 2 kit pushes 97 horsepower and 110 ft.lbs of torque.


Magnum Burnin' Rubber at the Sturgis Dragway...Big time power out of the Freedom 106 motor.

BIG TIME POWER OUT OF THAT FREEDOM 106 MOTOR. Click image for specs. Riders are Tony Carbajal and Joe Vertical pushing the limits of Victory’s baggers at the Sturgis Dragway. Photo: MJB


I must say that I am very impressed with the Victory Freedom 106. It is perfectly counter-balanced to run both smooth and efficient. It’s puts out a lot of torque with little to no cylinder-shaking. Matched to the 6-speed overdrive, it makes for a great ride no matter the speed or terrain.


The Magnum’s audio system is the envy of any respectable DJ. 


    DASHBOARD VIEW…somewhere in Wyoming..

Victory has placed their loudest and baddest sound system ever on the Magnum. The bike comes with 6 speakers that punch out 100 watts of high-quality, premium sound…a system that puts out so much volume that even my latest ACDC album was asking for mercy after 10 minutes at full throttle. Me, the only music I want to hear on my bikes are the throaty, almost loud sounds of my exhaust pipes mixed in with wind noise but that’s just me. If you like premium music sound coming out of your motorcycle, you’ll love the Magnum’s sound system. It rocks!


Have you ever tried riding a slammed bagger?

I was initially apprehensive when offered to ride the Magnum all the way from San Diego, California to Sturgis, South Dakota. I’m not a big fan of the super-slammed, big 28-inch front wheel baggers coming out of the nation’s custom motorcycle shops so naturally assumed that any slammed-style bagger would be a chore to ride…especially long distance. Wow, was I wrong.


VicBaggersDotCom 448x265

BIG WHEEL BAGGERS FROM VICBAGGERS…cool lookers for sure. Just not my style. Photo: MJB


Kudos to Victory’s engineers for getting the custom shop big wheel bagger look just right with the Magnum. The slammed rear end is a perfect fit with the custom 21 inch, premium cast front wheel that comes standard on this bagger.

The back end is lowered by an inch for optimal visual impact but without compromising the ride and feel of the bike. I admit that it took me a day of riding to get use to the larger front wheel at slow turning, gas station speeds but that was it. The bike handled perfectly under all road conditions, wet and dry, once I got my head around my big wheel phobia.

The Magnum’s Low-Pro Seat gets top marks from me. Very comfortable no matter the time spent on it. Seat height is set at 25.7 inches. Low enough for almost any inseam. I find seat heights in the 25-26 inch range to offer the perfect center of gravity for enhanced bike control and to get secure ground footing when stopped.


The Bottom Line…

This is one cool ride I tell yas…a slammed custom bagger straight out of the factory! One that looks sleek, sharp and super fast. It’s a true attention getter for sure.

The 2015 Magnum model is selling MSRP at $21,999 plus freight and set up. Compare this to the $30,000+ you’ll pay for a custom shop slammer with a big wheel or to the extra $1,000 or so that you’ll pay to add a 21 inch front wheel to a new Electra Glide…

I roadtest, you decide. Me, I would buy this bike now if I could convince the queen of my life that another bike in the garage is what the doctor ordered. In the meantime,…

Ride Safe Out There.


Thank you for reading my blog folks. Ride Safe Out There. - Motorcycle Marc

Thank you for reading my blog folks. – Motorcycle Marc










Shout out to the Indian & Victory Motorcycle Dealer in El Cajon, California.

Indian & Victory Motorcycles of El Cajon. (619-328-1901) added the 12-inch Ape Hangers and Klock Werks Flare Windshield to my Press Bike. The dealership is in the middle of Victory’s exciting Red Tag Sales Event which is set to end on October 31, 2015. Give ’em a visit to take advantage of the great deals coming out of Victory Motorcycles.



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  1. Guy Musch says:

    The X-1 features 10 speakers and 200 watts of power one of the most powerful systems offered on a production bagger. Victory sums it, saying “trips on the Magnum X-1 are measured in miles and decibels.

  2. John B says:

    Hey there. Rear end looks a little big but otherwise a sweet ride. Great blog by the way. JB

  3. Gary says:

    Thanks for the writeup. I’ve ridden a Cross Country Tour when they first came out and was very impressed. Gary

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the note…the Cross Country Tour is a really nice bagger…well balanced and a good handler. Ride Safe Out There. – MJB

  4. Curt O. says:

    Hi Marc. Great ride. Love the look. Nice design. Clean lines. – Curt

  5. Jose M. says:

    Hi there, great blog. I dont see these nice motorcycles often in Venezuela so thanks for your blog.