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When on my bikes, I always wear the eye protection that is best suited for my motorbike choice of the day and riding conditions at the time of the ride. I typically carry 1- 2 extra pairs of glasses in my saddlebags at all times as riding conditions can change at a moments notice.

For the past 20 years or so, I’ve been wearing the PAN-OPTIX brand of protective motorcycle glasses and, have been satisfied with both the comfort and protection afforded.

Then in September 2015, I was contacted by the PR Pro for She wanted to know if I would put their latest protective eyewear to the test. They would add my eye prescription to the glasses for free and send me on down the road with my eyes protected, total vision clarity and looking good she confidently declared.

“Pursuit”…shiny black frame with rose amber tint lenses.

My test prescription glasses, the Pursuit Model, were fitted with Liberty’s Sunset Driver Lenses with rose amber tint. I received them back in mid-October and have been wearing them for the past 1,000 miles. I’ve been testing this eyewear riding my Indian Chieftain, with its Flare Windshield protection, and while fighting wind through the ape hangers of my Victory High-Ball.

Liberty Sport Sunset Driver Eyewear. The image above shows just how good these glasses look scratches and all after 1,000 miles of hard riding in SoCal. Bring on the wind and the speed bugs I say! “Pursuit” Model…from the Sport Rider Collection.


Fashion statement matters. Real protection matters more.

As a serious motorcycle rider, my choice of eyewear is important. I insist on wearing the very best riding glasses available to protect my eyes from wind, dust, flying particles and the sun’s piercing rays. I must say the the sturdy magnetic eyecups that are a part of the Pursuit Model offer good protection against wind penetration regardless of ride choice or riding conditions. Now, for coolness factor, you can easily remove the eyecups for a cleaner pool-side look.

The fit, the feel and the function.

The modern design of the Pursuit model tested provides superior air flow. I noticed that the pierced front design helped minimize fogging. Have a look at the specs in the image below. We are talking real attention to manufacturing detail here.


Pursuit Detail Master 640x353


Note the head hugging, comfortably tight temple design.

Liberty Sport’s exclusive manufacturing process and unique styling really adds to frame comfort and offers a nice cool-looking factor too. Note the eyecups on each corner of the glasses below. As noted earlier, these custom-fit magnetic eyecups are easily removed for a more casual, fashion look.


Pursuit Contoured Shape


UV Protection matters. Choosing the right eye protection counts!

When riding and in the outdoors as much as I am, gear quality and protection value is always top of mind. Ultraviolet protection lenses for example, keep UV radiation from the sun from injuring your eyes. Your understanding this ultraviolet rays stuff can literally save your eyes.

Click here to learn about UVAs, UVBs and UVC sun rays…these are the sun rays that penetrate and injure your eyes if you are not wearing the right type of eyewear protection when participating in outdoor activity. This is especially true when in sunny, high-wind conditions typical of many motorcycle rides.

So, are Liberty Sport eyewear glasses right for you? Find out by clicking on the image below for tips on how to choose the best glasses for your personal eye protection needs.


Find the protective eyewear that is right for you. Click image to find out how to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for your riding style and riding weather patterns.


The Bottom Line

You are getting your money’s worth with this company’s protective eyewear. They are clearly designed for speed and riding “pursuits”. The frames come with Liberty Sport Sunset Driver premium performance sun lenses offering one of the clearest lens I’ve ever put on. Prescriptions for these glasses are available through your Optical Retailer or at


Actress Kristy Swanson - 640x350 - CharityWork Champion - Liberty Advocate

Cool looking protective eyewear by Liberty Sport…popular with women riders too. Photo: Kristy Swanson – Motorcycle Rider, Accomplished Actress, Producer, Director and Designer. Liberty Sport Product Advocate. Click image to visit Kristy’s Twitter Page.


Yes, this is a quality product. It is worthy of my consideration and respect…the Liberty Sport glasses are that good. They are easily converted from road ready sunglasses to high performance fashion statements in seconds by simply removing the magnetic sidecups. Great engineering design. They are now part of my protective eyewear inventory.


Want a pair of these motorcycle glasses “free” for Christmas?

Official3 215x97 - Cropped Bottom Tag - logo (1)

Find Approved Eyewear Retailers.

The good PR folks at Liberty Sport have provided a pair of give-away glasses for one of my blog fans.

Go to the comments section at the end of this post and tell me why you deserve to own this superior brand of eyewear. I will personally select the winning comment response and send the glasses (nonRx Pursuit Model) to the winner.

Only one lucky recipient will be selected. Good luck and Seasons Greetings to all of yas. Thank you for reading my blog.

Ride Safe Out There.


LibertyGlasses - 336x293

I don’t smoke big fat cigars often but when I do, I wear Liberty Sport Eyewear. — MotorcycleMarc














Official 152x214 - Liberty Sport Logo NEW

About Liberty Sport

Liberty Sport has been producing superior frames and lenses to handle the rigors of sport since 1929. Built to perform under demanding conditions, the company’s products sets the global standard for sports eyewear and prescriptions (Rx). From leading ASTM F803 impact sports protective to innovative sun technology, Liberty Sports’ commitment to research and innovation is unrivaled. And you’ll see that commitment in every product they make. Liberty Sport…”Powered By Switch…Magnetic Interchange Technology”. Z87 Certified High Performance Protective Eyewear for the whole family.




Note: I don’t accept financial consideration for product reviews but gladly accept keeping the products reviewed for my personal use or having the product donated to a charity in my name. Reviews are my own opinions. There’s no influence or funny stuff. I either like the product or I don’t. Use products reviewed at your own risk. Copyrights and Trademarks are the property of their owners. No infringement ever intended. See footer of this blog/website for more information. #RideSafeOutThere


  1. Nancee P. says:

    Nice blog here! Are these sunglasses still available? Where can I get them?

  2. Donnie F. says:

    Thank you for the auspicious writeup on these sunglasses. Impressive blog content. Where do you get the time to do all this?
    Hello Donnie…Thank you for reading my blog…As for time to blog, I just do it when I do it. Cheers. — MJB

  3. Bobby M. says:

    This is a good write-up on eye wear. Brief but very precise info… Many thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  4. Anita F. says:

    Lenses were horribly designed. If you look any direction other than straight through center lens or turn your head it distorts your vision. I thought I might just have to get used to the new glasses but after a few days trying it was clear that they were not made well. Not a good purchase for me.

  5. Jackson D says:

    These sunglasses look really cool. Are you still using them while riding?
    Yes Jackson, I wear them primarily on my shorter rides around town. Thank you for reading my blog. — MJB

  6. William D. says:

    Nice sunglasses! Nice product review. Do you wear them all the time now?

  7. Jay C. says:

    Excellent article. Right here is the perfect website for everyone who wants to find out about motorcycle glasses that work in the wind. Wonderful stuff, just excellent! Thank you for your review Motorcycle Marc.

  8. Morgan F. says:

    Good article about these sunglasses. Do you now use these glasses exclusively given your good review? Morgan

  9. Gratis D. says:

    Hi Marc…great blog! I searched your blog. There’s a lot of interesting material. Looks like you have the life. Just wanna thank you for sharing your passion for motorcycles Keep up the good blogging! GD


    Thank you for your kind words GD. Ride Safe Out There. – MotorcycleMarc

  10. Daniel says:

    Marc, thanks for a great review. I have been apprehensive about buying new motorcycle eyewear for a while but now I seem more convinced. These look amazing! Daniel
    Thank you Daniel…Yes, I’m a fan of the Liberty Eyewear Line…very high quality lenses and, they look good too. – MotorcycleMarc

  11. MJB says:

    20 comments received in 48 hours…one lucky winner was selected. She’s Connie G. from the great state of Texas. Enjoy the Liberty Sport sunglasses Connie and thank you for reading my blog. — Motorcycle Marc

  12. Alfonso J. says:

    Marc…these are good looking sunglasses and you look good in these glasses!

    Thank you Alfonso…just trying to keep my eyes protected and keep up with the cool kids. 🙂 Thank you for reading my blog.
    — Motorcycle Marc

  13. Jon S says:

    Hi Motorcycle Marc…you say you were happy with the Panoptix. What is the difference with these sunglasses?

    Hi Jon…both brands actually provide excellent eye protection. I find the Liberty Sport models to offer a tad more coolness to the look and their appearance is modern looking. I must also admit that lens clarity appears to be sharper in the Liberty Sport model, Pursuit, that I tested. I do recommend that no one should skimp on quality when purchasing eyewear. And in that regard, you cannot go wrong with either brand. I blog, you decide. Cheers and thank you for reading my blog. — Motorcycle Marc

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